Who Are We ?

But how does one really define oneself?  It should not be by what you do, your skin color, your religious beliefs or even your sexual orientation   But your career, your heritage, your religious beliefs and even sexual orientation can play a part of what CREATES you but does not define you.

On one hand we are all the same, cut us and we all bleed and we all experience emotions. Some people are “givers” and others are “takers.”  That is just the way life is.

Some people are depressed, sad, lonely, and envious of others while some people are joyful, happy, content, and share in the joys of others.

The choice is yours to make.  How does one make a change from sadness to happiness, from depression to joyfulness?  It is sometimes not an easy change to make but nonetheless it can be done.  It can be changing our views on how we look at life and other people.

Changing the negative into the positive.  There is always a positive in everything a person says, does, or experiences.  Some people may disagree with me and that is your right but let me give you an example of what I mean.

A friend I had a long time ago is/was an alcoholic, was more often than not so drunk he could not stand, he took any kind of drugs anyone would give him, was belligerent, was hateful, and as for bodily cleanness, well, just forget that because “bathing” was just not in his vocabulary.  How I changed the negative into positive, instead of telling my children that my friend was a drunk, a drug addict basically a BAD example of a person, I told my children that my friend was a GOOD example of what NOT to be.  I must give credit to my friend that after many years he was able to beat his addictions and now has a good life.

But the idea is that there are many things in life that are wonderful and beautiful.  We just simply must open our eyes to see these things and make that change to always find the GOOD instead of the BAD.  And with that my friend, although it might be a hard thing to do at first, but I believe that people are strong and can accomplish this.

You my pass along your way a dirty old woman, homeless, pushing an old shopping cart with all her belongings in the cart but that may be me.  You may be in a four star restaurant and notice the woman with fine jewelry drinking expensive wine and that might be me.  I could be standing in line next to you at a grocery store check-out and that may be me.  I may be the pilot of the plane you are flying in,  I may be your neighbor, I may be the “crazy old cat lady,”  or the woman that puts dollars instead of coins into a person’s cup that is sitting on a street asking for money.  I could be the doctor that helps you, I might be the woman that is in a wheel chair, the single Mom working two jobs to raise her children, the “stay at home” Mom, the old lady that uses a walker because her legs do not support her well, as well as the nosy old woman that is always talking about you.  You would never know but all these things do not define a person.

So, my friend in all that how do I define myself.  I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, a grand mother, an aunt, a great aunt, and a friend.  This is simply what I am.  I view life as wonderful because we are surrounded by so much beauty that can give us joy. I am simply Me, just Me.

My friend, it is good to take time to breath and think, open your eyes and see the many things that give you joy and happiness.  The possibilities are as endless as time.

You, my friend, are the one that makes the choice to see the beauty that life has to offer that gives you joy and happiness.  Open your eyes, open your heart, and open your mind and you will be filled with wonderment at all the things you may have missed, the wonderful things that life has to offer.


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