Life is Wonderful

We have all heard that “Today is the first day of your life” and that very well may be true if you look at all the wonders that life has to offer.  It is not just simply viewing life by monetary gains but by your wealth you have in life.  Your wealth is what you have inside, the abilities to look at the sky and see shapes in the clouds, to hear the songs of birds in a forest, and know these things give you wealth.

Measure your wealth not by money or material items but measure by what you find that gives you joy.  Take some time to stop and look at all the things that make you happy.  Some may not feel happiness but somewhere inside there is something that can bring happiness to everyone.  You might have to look deep and hard but my friend, I promise it is there, just waiting to be free to make you have some happiness in your life.dscf2948


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